Thanks to everyone who came out to meet me on this spring's book tour, and particular thanks to my students and many new friends at the Colgate Writers' Conference. I gave a talk at the conference on the subject of limiting exercises, called "Against A Sating, or, The Case For Farce Ethos," which you can now watch here, courtesy of YouTube. Wouldn't it be nice if, in the sample image, my face had been frozen at a more flattering moment? Oh, well. Also available is a video of the reading I gave that same week with my colleague, the poet and short story writer Alice Fulton. 

Meanwhile, there are many new items on the internet. First off, I wrote an article about my writing habits, "The Truth About Writers", for the L. A. Times's "Off The Shelf" blog--click the link to read it, or check it out in the articles section of this site. I also did a few interviews, including this one on John Kenyon's Things I'd Rather Be Doing blog, and this running feature about Happyland, written by Jason Rice for his blog Three Guys One Book. Ed Champion also interviewed me for The Bat Segundo Show.

Finally, the Sonic Youth anthology has come out in the US under the title Noise. It is now on the books page. And I've put a few new articles up in the articles section, including my recent L. A. Times and New York Times pieces, and a few older things as well. Enjoy.