Hi. It's spring. I've got a couple of events coming up. First, for Ithacans: on Saturday, April 2, 5pm, I will be joining Amy Dickinson and Jaime Warburton at the State Of The Art Gallery (120 W. State) for Three April Fools!, a comedy reading, featuring music by Elsa and the awesomeAWESOMES. Please come! We will pass the hat to benefit Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca's community-owned independent bookstore.

I will also be reading at The University Of Vermont, in Burlington, Thursday, April 7 at 7:30pm. Details here.

There's new stuff of mine to read. Here on this website, check out my Random Poem Idea Generator, an ongoing javascript project to provide students with poetry inspiration, and the rest of you with amusing nonsequiturs. My short story "Portal" is now out in Weird Tales, and my next novel, Familiar, should be published next year.

Finally, don't forget, you can still sign up for the Colgate Writers' Conference! Hope to see you there this June.