Some news

There are a couple of new interviews with me online: this one, with the literary magazine Unstuck, and this one, with the Burrow Press Review. Both were a real pleasure; please check them out. Also, my reading and talk from the 2012 Colgate Writers’ Conference are now up on YouTube—click the links or see them on the video page. The reading is of three newish short pieces, and the talk is called “Fucking the Fairy: How to Know When to Go Too Far.”

I’ve also published a review of the new Paul Auster memoir in The Guardian, and a manifesto about negative book reviewing on John Is Not Himself. The manifesto is also cross-posted on, with some of the swears removed.

Finally, ebooks of The Light of Falling Stars, The Funnies, and Happyland are getting closer. They are real, and will be available soon.