HAPPYLAND is out today

I'm pleased to announce that Happyland,  my would-be 2005 novel that W. W. Norton pulled from production over fears of libel, is out today as a complete and unabridged ebook from Dzanc Books and Open Road Media. The novel was published in serial, in a heavily abridged form, in Harper's Magazine  in 2006, but this is the first time it is available in its entirety. You can get it from any ebook retailer, but it will be an Amazon New and Notable pick for the month of October. Here's a link: Happyland  at Amazon. The book is about a doll and children's-book mogul who tries to take over a small town; it was intended as a satire of Rovian politics in the second Bush Administration. Its publication coincides with a grandstanding shutdown of the U. S. government over a budget impasse, which is just about perfect. I hope you like it.